Vision & Mission

Excited about the new Microsoft? How about the promise of Windows 10 everywhere? Well, we are .. and there is plenty of company!

The Windows Developer User Group has been established to nurture knowledge base and collaboration among Windows application developers & enthusiasts. While we are primarily based in Columbus OH, developers from all around Ohio, neighboring states and just about anybody who has interest in the Microsoft ecosystem, is most welcome.

With all that’s happening in the Microsoft technology stack, the future looks awesome. Windows 10 is the one unified OS that runs everywhere – from phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, XBox and IoT. Guess what’s common in all of these – the new Modern UI design language & similar programming paradigms. And let’s not forget cross-platform app development tools for Visual Studio developers.

With the vibrant developer community around Columbus OH, we needed a dedicated forum to talk about upcoming technologies, architectures, design & development paradigms around building applications/games on Windows. Our focus will be Modern UI Design, XAML/C#, HTML/CSS, JS, WinRT & XNA development, so that we appeal to variety of developer interests. We are registered with INETA & collaborate with other similar User Groups to bring you some of the best speakers/experts in this technology space. Our modus operendi will be two fold:

  • Monthly Meetups — This is our regular monthly meeting at Improving Enterprises on the 3rd Monday of every month. Buckle up for a ton of tech goodness from some awesome speakers. Please check our blog posts or meetup announcements on speakers & topics each month.
  • Yearly Hackathons — We’re not all talk; but all about hardcore developers having fun with what we build. So, once every year, we get together and sling code all day with fellow enthusiasts, at Improving Enterprises. Working on your next big Windows app/game? Let’s do it together! Stuck on something and could use some live help? Well, come on out and we shall work together towards common goals, with experts at hand. No fluff, just code. Did we mention plenty of food & swag? So, keep a lookout for our seasonal hackathons!

That’s it for now. ‘Windows’ developers, this is your User Group  .. let’s make it count!

Find out more about us here:


Organizing Board:
Samidip Basu | Doug Mair | Chris Ellis


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